Sunday, November 4, 2012

It's the start of something new....

So, it has been a few days. I am constantly trying to make sure that I am up to date on what I am trying to get for Korea. I got my x-ray and my hep a and b tests back. It's all good on that front. I am just waiting on my aids test to get back, which will be a negative on it. I go in tomorrow to get my TB test read. I went to the doc on Friday, and they gave me a shot with something. I do not know what, but apparently it was some neutral version of TB. Who knows? I am so close to having my application and everything done to send in. What is left is to get like three to six more photos and my official transcript. The problem with the transcript is that I am a work-study which means that they can't give it to me, so my ISD person is going to talk to them to see what I can do to get it. That's about it for now!


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