Friday, June 14, 2013

Random Thoughts

You know, I'm thinking another post would be good today. I just have the feeling to write these days. I always have something on my mind. Hmm....what to talk about today? Ah, how about dreams or something to that effect?

Growing up, I had many dreams. The earliest I can remember was that I wanted to be in the military. I have no idea why, but I just did. So, many people when they talk about their dreams, it usually includes things such as what they wanted to be when they grew up. It's like everything wrapped in one. It's an explosion of 'what could be'.

I think it's really good for kids to dream about their future. If they don't, it takes away a critical aspect of their life. The ability to be creative. It helps to shape who that person is going to be as they get older along with the other traits they have.

Another dream I had was to be adventurous. I almost thought I would never get that experience, but I'm here now. I'm still dreaming here. I've already decided that I want to start learning a martial art, then as I was watching a radio broadcast, I was like 'o, you know...I don't think I would be too bad as a DJ on a radio show. I have a pretty decent character.' What do you guys think? Would I be a good DJ? Well, sound off in the comments box with any thoughts or even suggestions.

Dream big, but don't forget who you are and were. If you forget, you lose the whole reason you are where you are at now. It loses it's meaning. On this short note, I will go. Woo!

O wait! I finally sang my first full Korean song in a Singing Room a few days ago. I was so excited because I didn't do so bad! Go me, right?!?

You can listen to the original song here at this link. :) It's really a good song! Just please watch the video! It's a great song, and you don't even have to understand it to feel that.

Complete by Girls' Generation

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