Monday, March 4, 2013

The First Few days

It's been a few days, and I have had a lot happen. I have successfully navigated using the buses and subways here. It's quite the experience. They have doors that protect you from falling onto the tracks.
You can see to the other side too! I'm a small town Southern girl from Tennessee, but I got to tell you. It's fun! So many people on a train. If a seat opens, it's like a race has been set in. It's okay though. I don't mind standing. When I do get a seat, I try to offer it to the older people. You know, as a sign of respect for their age and wisdom, but the ones I seem to offer it to don't want it. O yes, for any who know the song, Gangnam Style - Psy , I have actually been to the real place. Trust me. Not the prettiest place ever, but still so active with life. It's crazy!
I've been to a few places in Seoul so far. I got a hand towel for 2,000 won. This would be equivalent to a little under 2$. I just usually say 2$ and be done with it. I might like math, but doing that kind gives me headaches! haha.

My first day of class was yesterday for me. I was really kind of terrified to know where I was going and if it was to the right class. I was outside the International Office with the other American, Vida, when we met with 2 guys. We started talking to them, and the amusing part was that each was in one of our respective classes that day! So, I walked with I-vul (Not sure how to spell his name) to our class..and it was a good class. I even got to get out early. That was epic! haha

Not So Spicy Corn Chips
My roommate and I talked for a long time last night just about random little things. It is hard for us to talk to each other because of the language barrier, but we tried. It was really nice. She even shared these chips with me. Chang Koo says they are like imitation spicy corn chips. I would say so because they aren't that spicy.
That's some Korean like funny talk show (I think) in the background on her laptop. It has Chinese subtitles!

I am not really sure what else to say. I've never written a blog. I don't really write in a journal. So, if you have questions or anything, just ask, please!

I did go to a type of mall Sunday, and I saw a store. It was called Giordano. So, all my CJ majors, know what I had to do. I took a picture! hahaha

There you go, G! Just for you!
O right! I went to a Karaoke room too! I almost forgot about that. In Korean or Asian culture (I'm not sure which), they don't normally invite people to their place. They go out. So, there are many cafes, karaoke places, and there are even places to watch dvds. Though those, I fear, would be a bit sketchy. lol Just think about it.

Anyways, good night to you all and a good morning to me!!!


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